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Scott Spoolman invites you to explore Wisconsin’s many and varied waterways and to learn of how they came to be as they are today. From the placid Mississippi, to waterfalls crashing over hard rock ledges near Lake Superior, to life bursting forth in one of the world’s largest freshwater marshes, these waterways each have a fascinating story to tell. Scott will sample a few of the 19 stories and several photographs from his new book Wisconsin Waters: the Ancient History of Lakes, Rivers, and Waterfalls. He will include readings from the stories and from the travel guides that follow each story, helping readers to get out and explore each site on their own. The book features Beaver Dam Lake prominently, and in his talk, Scott will explain why.

Lunch will be provided by the Friends of the Library. Donations are appreciated. Please register.
Call 715-822-2767 or email cupl@cumberlandpl.org.